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Last Friday, checked out the Chicken Cafe in Niles…. in sounds funny, but they have really good chicken and wings.  The hot and spicy chicken was very good but so spicy.  I don’t like spiciness so hot that I can’t enjoy the food and I’m downing water.  The sweet and savory had a mild kick to it, so I think I was more suited for this one.  Again great flavor, there was a lot of garlic in this one.  The popcorn chicken was great because of the no bones!  But other than that, it wasn’t extraordinary.  Now service was a little worse.  It’s a new place and I’m wondering if its just because they’re getting started.  I didn’t have huge expectations to begin with because Asian restaurants are not well known for great service anyway.  Even though our waiter was very kind, service was really really slow, despite only a few other people eating there.  Although the food was great, it shouldn’t take so long to get food when it clearly was not busy.  On top of that, this is like a neighborhood bar/food joint and they ran out of Blue moon beer.  How do you run out of a beer on a Friday night at a bar?  So, I would give this place a 3.5.  (4 for food,  3 for service)  And yes, I would go here again because the chicken was that good.

Last Saturday, I really wanted to take some nice pictures in downtown Oak Park, and then it rained on me as we were heading out.  So instead, we ended up in Glen Ellyn at our favorite breakfast joint, Honey.

Honey hot chocolate...Mmmm so good!

A nice mug of hot chocolate hit the spot after I got drenched in the torrential downpour.

Best breakfast dish ever!

Me and Davy got our usual, the Caprese Benedict (Poached eggs, brie cheese on focaccia bread with a pesto sauce).  It was delicious!  Although I was tempted to get their to die for cupcakes (my favorite is Lemon Chiffon!), I resisted for the day.  Will have to go again very soon to get one though.

Last night we went to Koreana since we were craving some Korean food.  This place is a frequent stop by my parents and they always tell me the food is very decent.  Service was great, we had a sweet, very kind waitress, we weren’t waiting for long and I love the little buttons on the table that calls the waiters/waitresses.  To start out we got fried dumplings, because it has to be one of Davy’s favorite things to eat.  They came out with little plates of banchan (side dishes that come with the meal), and soon after our order of spicy mool naeng-myun (a cold noodle dish) and beef bulgogi with korean miso soup came out.  The naeng-myun was very good, its sort of a light dish with out too much spices or flavor.  Its one of those perfect dishes for a hot summer night.  Davy’s meat and soup combo was demolished.  The meat was well seasoned with great flavor, and the soup was spicy just as he wanted it.  In the end, he asked, “So, when can we come here again?”

Just came back from the Chicago Food Truck Social… The line was long but the food was great.  Portions are small, but its the experience of going to these places, not just the food.

Cold Asian Noodle Salad

This was delish….Mmm, but it was so small for $5… :-(

The line for the Kobe beef burgers

The line for this food truck was crazy long, yet people still waited!  The burgers were good though!

The best part of the day!

These mini cupcakes were the best!  3 mini ones for $5… A morsel, but you can try different flavors.  This was Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Black and White.  Box 2 had Sweet Potato, Birthday Cake, and Banana!  Oh, and I demolished one of their Whoopee Pies and I was so happy I didn’t share!

Look at the writing in the back!

I love how their license plate says it all…. Yumm!!!


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