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Insanity Challenge


For those of you familiar with Insanity…. Me and Davy began the challenge in the beginning of February!  For those of you unfamiliar with what Insanity is, it’s a 60 day interval training program to help individuals get fit!  I didn’t mention it before because I did not want to announce it on my blog and have it be a monumental failure where I quit after one day.  So far, we are finishing up week 2 now, and we feel better already although I have yet to see any physical transformations.

Now we began this program not really to lose weight.  We can all use a little toning and tightening of the muscles, right?  But the main reason for starting this regimen was we both agreed we needed to do something to help fight our constant winter sluggishness.  I am not one to use caffeine to perk me up, but I noticed the past 3-4 months being a real struggle to keep myself going.  I kept on thinking, I’m young, why am I always so tired?  And why does everything take so much effort?

Well it was time to get a little kick in the ass.  And Insanity is exactly that.  It’s 45 minutes of intense cardio drills.  It isn’t easy.  I won’t lie.  There are days where I come home late from work and skip a night.  But I learned early on that forcing yourself to do something eventually ends up as an easily given up endeavor.  So we’re going at our pace.  We only skip days where we are extra sore and don’t want to cause ourselves injury.  Those days are becoming infrequent as we become stronger.  And we do it together to really help motivate each other.  I’m thinking this 60 day training is going to be more like 80 day since we skipped a lot in the beginning.  But we’ll make them up!

The actual exercises and programs are challenging but not difficult to follow.  This is so important.  I never liked classes where the routine was so hard to follow you worry about form the entire time and is unable to get a good work out.  For those of you who’ve done and completed the Insanity Challenge… Good for you!  I bet you have something to show for it!  And for those of you who are just starting or are interested in this program I highly recommend it!  It’s engaging and the program is a mix of different exercises that it is never boring.  I will keep you all posted of our progress!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been feeling so lethargic!
    It really does help to exercise more than nap. It’s just easier to do the latter :)

    Good luck with Insanity!

    • I totally agree with you Donna. Its the harder way out, but so much better for you, and it really does make you feel energetic! We gotta keep it up!

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