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November 16, 2014
by adminToki

Cobblestone Streets

dp_1It’s not hard to find small cobblestone streets like these in Europe; they’re everywhere.  But try to find one without anyone in them – that’s more rare.  I jumped on the culotte bandwagon.  I decided to leap and try it out in Paris.  I love these pants from Stylenanda.  They’re super cute, comfortable, and they’re well made.  I think culottes look best with heels to help elongate the legs.  Unfortunately with all the walking I did, there was no way I would last in heels so I paired my outfit with sneakers.  I kept it urban and edgy with a leather jacket.  How would you style the culottes?   dp_2dp_3dp_4dp_5dp_6dp_7Jacket/Bag: Zara, Shirt: TjMaxx, Pants: Stylenanda, Shoes: Adidas, Hat: ASOS

November 11, 2014
by adminToki

Dreaming of Versailles

vd_1Paris was brisk and chilly.  It was good to have layers and coats because while I was there I never saw the sun.  But even amidst the clouds and gloom everything looked so beautiful.  One of the biggest mistakes travelers tend to make is taking too many pairs of shoes.  It’s dumb.  It takes up too much luggage space, and ladies, you won’t wear all your dress shoes.  All you need is a pair of heels, a pair of comfortable sneakers, and maybe a pair of flats (since they don’t take too much space.)  For my trip I took a pair of low heeled boots, my chucks and another pair of adidas sneakers.  I didn’t need that 2nd pair of sneakers; instead I should have brought a pair of flat sandals.  All that walking bruised some toes.  Comfort is key when you travel but you don’t have to look like every other tourist.  I kept it comfy but chic with a monochrome palette.  What do you wear when you travel?vd_2vd_3vd_4vd_5vd_6Coat/T-shirt: Zara, Shirt/hat: Forever 21, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Converse

November 9, 2014
by adminToki

Streets of Paris

davy_parisMe and Davy recently returned from a 12 day trip to Paris and Barcelona.  It was an amazing trip – we had little trouble getting around, explored so much and ate a lot of food.  This is my favorite pic of Davy during our trip to Paris.  He doesn’t like to take pictures and it takes quite a bit of cajoling.  He kept it chic with Old Navy slim fit pants, Doublju shirt, Zara Blazer, and Converse chucks.  I’m going to have a big travel diary post up soon so stay tuned!