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March 14, 2014
by adminToki

Hello Yellow

pmu_0Happy Friday!  We Chicagoans are so so ready for spring.  We are all ready to see this winter leave already.  No more cold, snow, or the dreariness.  I picked a bright yellow sweater to just elevate my mood; it’s difficult to be chipper all the time when your environment doesn’t cooperate.  Sometimes it’s just easy to be glum.  But that would mean I’d be glum for at least 3-4 months out of the year and I don’t want that.  We have a few spring like days interlaced with the cold spells so I got to bring out the shorts (with tights of course!).  I accessorized simply with a silver/turquoise Southwest style plated necklace.  I think yellow and that sky blue color go so well together; reminds me of pretty birds.  Speaking of birds, I can’t wait to hear them chirp in the morning.  I can’t wait to go bare legged, wear sandals, feel the sun and warm breeze.  I just can’t wait til it hits 60 degrees!  That will be a monumental feat for Chicago!pmu_2pmu_3pmu_5pmu_7pmu_8pmu_6Sweater/Shorts: Forever 21, Shirt: The Limited, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hat: ASOS, Shoes: Jessica Simpson

March 13, 2014
by adminToki

From BB to CC

cccreamI’ve been using my Garnier BB creams for a while now but I received a small sample of this smashbox cc cream from a recent Sephora binge, and I used it for a few days.  And I have become a convert.  It’s pricier at $39 a tube and it is smaller.  However the coverage is amazing and you really need to use a little, so I think the 1 oz. tube will last for while.  It does everything a BB cream does but as a CC cream, it takes it to another level and corrects/fades flaws and spots.  If you’re not ready to commit to a $40 tube, theres a travel size at .5 oz for $20 available at Sephora!  Try it and you may covert too.

March 6, 2014
by adminToki

Shoe Addict

deena3In love with these Deena & Ozzy chunky heeled white sandals from Urban Outfitters.  They’re comfortable and oh! so cute.  I liked these so much, I caved and got it in black too, even though I swore that I would not be one of those girls who buys multiples of the same thing in different colors.  But work shoes are different because you want style and comfort, and when you get both, it’s worth buying two.  And good news: right now, these are on sale at UO for $39!  I bought them originally for $59 but they honored the price adjustment when the shoes went on sale.  That is good business practice and I will definitely be shopping there again.deena2deena4deena1